2013 Wellspring Peloton Challenge! 24 Riders To Cover 3,330 KM From Toronto To Austin Texas: October 11 to 20 2013

On Friday, October 11 2013 26 Wellspring Peloton Challenge Riders set off once again from Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House for Austin, Texas. Their 8 day ride will take them a distance of 3,330 KM over which they will climb over 31,590 M as a group!

2013 Wellspring Peloton Challenge Day 3: Crossing the Ohio- Kentucky boarder over the Ohio River

2013 Wellspring Peloton Challenge Day 4: With A Relay Format…Someone has to ride at night!

The 5 peloton (teams) of 5-6 riders are being supported by a group of 18 volunteers along the route as they relay ride day and night toward their destination Austin. Teams will generally ride an average of 120 km in each 6 hour shift. In Austin the Wellspring Peloton Challenge Riders will be welcomed by their 5 “Wellspring Warriors”, selected individuals who are facing a cancer journey or have survived a cancer experience. Over the next few days Wellspring will host a number of interactive activities and events in Austin for riders, volunteers, Warriors and their family and friends, who have come together to celebrate the completion of the ride. The entire group will then have the opportunity to participate in a final symbolic cycling event, in honour of all those who have been impacted by cancer.

As of last Thursday evening the 2013 Wellspring Peloton Challenge Riders had raised an incredible $440,000 gross in support of Wellspring services across the GTA!

Billy Cheung is both a key organizer and rider in the 2013 Wellspring Peloton Challenge. CLICK HERE to follow his experiences on route to Austin, Texas through his Blog. Perhaps he might inspire you to make the journey with them next year!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Wellspring Peloton Challenge, follow the Peloton Challenge Riders progress to Austin or make a donation!

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    You are all amazing inspirations!what an amazing journey!

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