Cindy Mattie

Why I Became an IRONDame

I was inspired by Kim Kearns Pace and her very big goal to support Wellspring and their exercise program, and the fact that it was a group of women who are all very active in many ways.

How Long I’ve Been an IRONDame

Since the beginning in 2009.

My Top Songs to Work Out With

I don’t have anything in particular but anything new and funky beat will keep me moving forward.

My Favourite Quote

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away!”

What Inspires or Motivates Me

I’m always inspired by the many friends I have that also enjoy all this running and cycling and silly, long training days.

My Favourite Road Race

Big Sur Marathon. It was all about making sure you took great pictures while running along the most beautiful, picturesque race route!

The Secret Weapon/Lucky Charm/Ritual That I Use at Each Race

Just sticking to my race plans usually helps with achieving my race goal!

My Goal for the 2012/2013 Fundraising Challenge

Collingwood Centurion Bike race in September 2012, Montreal Half Rock and Roll race September 2012. No goals in mind yet for 2013 but I know I’ll have something to add to next year!

My Biggest Challenge

It’s always getting in ALL the training.

Most Valuable Training Tip

Make sure you have a lot of fun in the training. Yes it can be hard work but it’s all about the social time with all your training buddies.


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  1. There are no words to dsercibe how bodacious this is.

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