At Lace up for LOVE Every Loonie Pledged Makes A Difference…Check Out These Fundraising Tips For Your Walk/Run

With our 6th Annual Lace up for LOVE less than a week away it’s time to “START” fundraising for your Walk/Run, if your haven’t already. You can choose to go “Hi-Tech” or go “Old-School” and we’ve compiled a few fundraising tips for you to keep in mind:

  • It’s easy to personalize your online fundraising page with an image and copy;
  • Consider making a donation to yourself to set a high bar for future donors to your fundraising page;
  • Let your spare change be the difference this Lace up for LOVE. As you organize yourself for a summer of activity and fun, consider donating the coins you find around your home to our Registration Desk this Sunday!;
  • Don’t leave anyone out – reach out to all your networks of friends, colleagues, associates, and neighbours!;
  • Share your journey often – the more people you tell about what you are doing, the more supporters you will uncover!;
  • Ask your network of friends, colleagues and Family to join you on the day or donate;Send giving reminders and updates to your contacts;
  • Customize your asks – make it personal and friendly, provide event details, call-to-action with a link to your fundraising page, use social media to spread the word;
  • Soft hint and share often – “Hi everyone, wanted to write to update you on my progress….etc. ;
  • Social Media is a powerful tool to get the word out to many people at one time – send reminders of your fundraising through Facebook and Twitter; and
  • Remember to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who supports your Walk/Run!

Team Corner Getting Prize


Over the past 5 years Lace up for LOVE participants and teams have raised an incredible $100,000 by asking their friends, family members and colleagues to support them in their Walk/Runs. Lace up for LOVE donations have helped to empower approximately 200 individuals fighting Cancer each year in Halton through our support of the Cancer Exercise Program at Birmingham Gilgan House.

” When I was first diagnosed with Colon Cancer the thought of going through chemo made me feel like my life would never be the same. I came to Wellspring (Birmingham Gilgan House) in hope of meeting people going through the same thing. They suggested that during treatment I should try and stay active. I started going to their exercise program twice a week thinking I would never get through it. Well I was wrong. With the help of the most amazing and motivational trainers, not only did I get through it but it helped with the side effects of the chemo and my peace of mind. I can’t say enough about the trainers and even though my chemo is over, I still love to exercise.” – Geoff C., Wellspring member

Get excited, tell people what you are up to this Mother’s Day! It’s worth the “Ask” as “Every Loonie pledged makes a difference!”


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