Fundraising Made Fun & Easy! Help Us Reach Our $40,000 GOAL For Lace up for LOVE: May 8 2016

Registered for our 7th Annual Lace up for LOVE Walk/Run in support of the Cancer Exercise Program at Birmingham Gilgan House? …It’s now time to start fundraising!

OTFF Team 2Fundraising… Is Fun:

Gather family, friends and co-workers together to create your own fundraising team. Give yourselves a name, make t-shirts, signs or maybe wear fun hats! Give it your own team flair on race day. You will be eligible to win our 3rd Annual Awesome Spirit Cup!

Fundraising… Is Easy:

IMG_05501. Go Hi – Tech:

Use our EASY online fundraising tool. Login with your username and password and customize your team and personal fundraising page by clicking on “Enter MY HQ” on the left hand side of our 7th Annual Lace up for LOVE Registration Site. Add your own video or picture to your page and share why you are deciding to Lace up for LOVE. Then invite your family, friends and coworkers to donate or join your Team utilizing the e-mail tool found in your HQ. Just follow the prompts. You can also record off-line donations so they reflect on your personal/Team fundraising thermometer.

2. Go Old School:

CLICK HERE to download you 2016 Lace up for LOVE Pledge Sheet, then ask your friends, family and co-workers to support your walk/run by making a donation to “Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation”. Be sure to have them fill out the required information on the Pledge Sheet and Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation will issue tax receipts to them for any donation of $20 and over that meet Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Submit your Pledge Forms along with all associated cash, cheques and credit card info the day of our Lace up for LOVE Event before 9 am to Julie Martens at Lace up for LOVE Registration, located upstairs in the Spin Studio at Neworld Cycle & Tri Shop.

garage-sale33. Hold A Garage Sale… Then Donate:

Spring is always a good time to dig through our closets, basements, garages and sheds to identify items we no longer need or use. A Garage Sale is a great way to help you and your Team fundraise for Lace up for LOVE! It only takes a quick call to place an ad in the Burlington Post Classifieds and your Garage Sale is sure to see traffic! Here are a few other tips:

  • Make /Display Sign stating “All Proceeds of Sale To Be Donated to the Cancer Exercise Program at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House” ~ There will be less haggling!
  • Group  & display like items together i.e. kitchen wares and appliances, seasonal decorations, sporting equipment, lamps, tools, toys, books.
  • Gently used clothes sell!
  • Keep it simple as you will be amazed how change adds up!…Set the same price for grouped items i.e. “All Items ONLY $1.00!” or $2.00, $5.00 or $10!
  • Price items to sell! At the end of the sale you want EVERYTHING GONE!

These tips have worked for the IRONDames, so why not for you and your Team? After your Garage Sale is over go on-line and make a donation to your Individual or Team Page and receive a tax donation for your efforts.

Last of all, be sure to let us know about your Lace up for LOVE Garage Sale and we will promote the time and address of it on our website and Facebook page. Take some pictures and send us the results and we will be sure to share your fundraising success!

Fundraising… Can Get You to The Movies:

Partadmit oneicipants raising $150.00 or more receive two Cineplex® Admit One Certificates ($26.00 Approximate Value)

Participants raising $300.00 or more receive four Cineplex® Admit One Certificates ($52.00 Approximate Value)

It doesn’t stop there! Prizes will also be awarded to the top 3 fundraising teams and fundraisers!

Once again thank you for STEPPING UP for Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House’s innovative Cancer Exercise Program and its participants!


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