Great Canadian Mountain Traverse Day 1: Lake Louise to Sunwapta Falls

It was an incredibly challenging ride for our Mountain Traverse Team today. Morning temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius along with rain/sleet and even some snow flurries made riding tricky and keeping warm almost impossible. But our luck would improve…we saw a young black bear feeding on berries beside the road, as well the sun came out around 1 pm enabling us to warm up and enjoy a light lunch at the Weeping Wall 108 K into our ride. It was a much needed break as we had a long climb (20 K) to the Ice fields and seemed to battle head winds for much of the remaining ride. In total we rode 184 K and climbed 6,122 FT! The vistas were breathtaking!

Tomorrow we are riding 159 K to Mount Robson Lodge. Unfortunately there is no wifi at the Lodge so the next post you will see will be Wednesday night. By then we might have had a chance to sort through some of the photos taken today as well as share our video of our Black Bear!

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  1. Val said:

    Congrats on your first chilly climb! Hope the ice fields sound worse than they actually are! May the force be with you…..Val and Maris

  2. Dyan Herman said:

    Sorry you girls had such bad weather yesterday,so proud of your perseverance …you girls are such wonderful role models…ride safe and God bless..P.S.the black bear eating berries was a sign that today’s ride will be much you girls,be safe and ride proud!! Xxoo

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