Great Canadian Mountain Traverse Day 3: Mount Robson to Blue River– 122K

Morning temperatures are cool so MTT is still bundled up.

The Mountain Traverse Team enjoyed an extra hour of sleep this morning at the Mount Robson River Lodge, having crossed the Continental Divide at Yellowhead Pass on Day 2. With a mere 122K to ride (considered by our Guide Peter to be a “recovery day”) we lingered over breakfast, just long enough to wish IRONDude Kirk a “Happy Birthday”, and didn’t set off until 9 am.

Mountain named after Terry Fox

It was a day to taken in the sights. One of our first stops was at a viewpoint and picnic area at the foot of the mountain named after Terry Fox. We then visited a Swiss Bakery in Valemount, where they served excellent lattes and delicious croissants! We then made our way through the North Thompson River Valley, utilizing the IRONDudeTrain to counteract, once again, prevailing head winds!

IRONDame Falls

Our last rest stop (Dieter, always picks the best places to stop) was across from a spectacular waterfall, which apparently nameless is to be know from this day forward as “IRONDame Falls”. From there it was another 25K of cycling to Blue River and our lodging at Mike Wiegele’s famous Heli-Ski Resort, surrounded by the vast beauty of the Monashee and Cariboo mountains.

Tomorrow the MTT is “recovering again” with a 135K cycle to Little Fort. Check back tomorrow and see how the day went!





Mountain Traverse Tips and Facts:

Lesson of the Day: Beware of rumble stripes…can lead to SAS (Shaken Adult Syndrome)!

Flower of the Day: Wild lupin, found out behind Marla and Peter’s cabin at Mount Robson River Lodge.

Day 3 Flower: Wild Lupin


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