Great Canadian Mountain Traverse Day 4: Blue River to Little Fort– 135K

Despite a sunny forecast the Mountain Traverse Team woke to cloudy grey skies and were once again in jackets and leg warmers as we set out for another 135K “recovery ride” from Blue River to Little Fort.

Marla on her 15K pull today!

The IRONDame train was in high gear as we cycled along Hwy 5 South taking in the spectacular views of the Cariboo Mountains and the mighty North Thompson River. The team pulled together to change a rear wheel flat in a PB time, although I think there is room for improvement!

Once again Dieter out did himself with a roadside lunch of homemade gourmet pizzas cooked on the grill and Caesar salad.

Around 1:30 pm the sun started to shine and we were able to shed our jackets. We enjoyed some long descents, although there still to be a prevailing head wind for much of the afternoon. As we entered the town of Clearwater we checked out the sockeye salmon spawning, got rained on and then made a stop at the Strawberry Moose Café to dry off and refuel with lattes and homemade brownies and chocolate chip cookies before the final push on to the Rivermount Motel just outside Little Falls. For sure the Strawberry Moose Café is an IRONDames’ don’t miss stop if you are ever in Clearwater!

Lattes, homemade brownies and chocolate cookies at Strawberry Moose…awesome!

The high point of the cycling day for everyone, IRONDames and Dudes, was the 25K cruise from Clearwater to the Rivermount Motel. The shoulder was smooth, the road slightly down hill and for the first time in four days our Mountain Traverse Team enjoyed a true tailwind!

Guide Peter giving our bikes the once over for our tough ride tomorrow.

Tomorrow the Mountain Traverse Team tackle what our Guide Peter feels is the toughest leg of our 8 day cycling challenge; 160K ride from Rivermount Little Falls to Clinton. The ride features a long steep morning climb of 12K with grades of 8-10%! In anticipation of the long day ahead of us the owners of the Rivermount Motel prepared for the Traverse Team an incredible home cooked meal, which we devoured to our delight.

So now with our bikes prepped courtesy of Guide Peter, its lights out as the Traverse Team has a long day of climbing ahead of them!

Mountain Traverse Tips and Facts:

Lesson of the Day: Always care step by step instructions on how to change a flat.

Flower of the Day: We know it as the IRONDame flower as we have seen it growing by the roadside for much of our cycling trip. Anyone know the proper botanical name for it?

We call it our IRONDame flower!

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