Great Canadian Mountain Traverse Day 8: Pemberton to Whistler– 35 K

Traverse Team getting ready for last ride from Pemberton to Whistler

On our final day of the Great Canadian Traverse the Traverse Team was treated to a delicious breakfast before checking our bikes and loading our luggage and gear into the trailer one final time. With dark skies surrounding us and rain in the forecast we chose to head out before 9 am and not linger. Together the Team wheeled through the town of Pemberton before turning right onto Hwy 99 South and heading for Whistler.

Just 35 K to ride!

Roadside view of Lillooet River

In contrast to the first 7 days of our cycling adventure the ride was short, only 35 K, but head winds prevailed and there was plenty of climbing or as our Guide Peter would say, “undulations”! In fact over only 35 K we climbed 2,388 ft!

Along the way we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Lillooet River, the area’s dark green brush and forests and the contrasting rock walls through which the highway ran. The IRONDames rode together, laughing with each other and celebrating each other’s accomplishment in getting through the past 7 days of riding! Before we knew it we had cycled 23 K and were at the “Welcome to Whistler Sign”! We reveled in the moment high-fiving each other and then taking snap shots as a team and with our Guide Peter in front of the sign.

IRONDames Traverse Team celebrating with Guide Peter Weiland

View of Whistler Mountain

IRONDames Traverse Team and Dieter

After a few more pictures it was back on our bikes for a couple more kilometers to meet up with Dieter on last time just outside Whistler Village at a pull off next to Green Lake. Here in the shadow of Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains we celebrated with Champaign and hugs all around! We also had the pleasure of meeting Dieter’s wife (Guide Peter’s mother). Then we jumped on our bikes for one last time and rode off as a group to complete the last 10 K into Whistler Village!

Now 24 hours later in Vancouver we are finding it hard to believe that our trip is coming to an end and that we actually did cycle 1,002 K from Lake Louise, AB to Whistler, BC in just 8 days! The days have blurred together, and while it was incredibly tough, it was a once in a lifetime experience because of the people we met, the laughter we shared and the strength we found both as individuals and as a group.

We would like to thank Peter and Dieter at Rocky Mountain Cycling Tours for making this trip possible for us and for providing us with exceptional support along the way.

A big thank you goes out to IRONDudes Peter, Greg, Bill and Kirk for supporting us in our training and for coming along on our great Rocky Mountain adventure! Without the IRONDudes it just would not have been as much fun!

We would also like to thank our Journey Sponsors Neworld Cycle, RFB Construction and Sharon Carolan for their incredible support.

Last of all we would like to thank all our friends and family who have followed our blog, sent us messages of encouragement as well as made donations to our fundraising pages in support of Wellspring Halton-Peel’s Cancer Exercise Facility. Your belief in our ability truly inspired us to keep climbing and cycling these past 8 days!

Check back with us over the next week as we will be posting some Traverse Team thoughts on our Great Canadian Mountain Traverse as well as some additional pictures from our trip!

Traverse Team Tips and Facts:

Lesson of the Day: Dream big and you will accomplish big things!

Flower of the Day: Beautiful flower arrangement in Fairmont Whistler main lobby!

Beautiful flowers in the main lobby of Fairmont Whistler!

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  1. Denise short said:

    Congratulations Irondames….. You have accomplished an amazing feat/feet!!!
    You must all be very proud of your personal goals as well as your contribution to
    Well Spring!!!!! Congrats to the Irondudes that helped you up the mountains to
    reach your goals!!!! Way to go!!!!

  2. Marla Ashmore said:

    Andrea thank you so much for keeping our Blog up to date so family and friends could come along for the ride with us. You did a terrific job of capturing our journey although you made it look far too easy! it was tough but the support shown by the team made it possible. What a memory and thank you again for recording it Irondame!

  3. Caron and Barrie Shepley said:

    You guys are the best! Congrats on such an amazing acheivement! You all remind me of a quote by Mary Anne Radmacher – “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying – I will try again tomorrow.” Congratulations on your courage and determination.

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