Inaugural Mont-Tremblant IRONMAN 70.3 Declared a Success

Last Sunday, June 24th, 1700 men and women competed in Mont-Tremblant’s inaugural 70.3 IRONMAN race. In the field were IRONDames Helene Desrosiers, Claudia Hutchinson and Pat Shaw.

Claudia Hutchinson and her husband Paul in Transition just before start of 2012 Mont-Tremblant IRONMAN 70.3

For Claudia Hutchinson the 70.3 race was an opportunity for her and her husband Paul to mark her 50th Birthday, as well as fundraise for Wellspring Halton-Peel’s Cancer Exercise Facility, an organization that she relied upon through her father’s battle with cancer and passing. For Helene Desrosiers and Pat Shaw the event was the first of several training milestones before their respective World Championship races in the fall.

For all three IRONDames the race was a challenging and unqualified success! Just check out their terrific results and comments about the race below:

Helene Desrosiers: Age Group: F45-49 / Overall: 5:16:14 / Div Rank: 3 / 78 / Overall Rank: 444 / Gender Rank: 55 / Swim: 35.18 / T1: 4.54 / Bike: 2:40:33 / T2: 1:34 / Run: 1:53:55

“The Mont-Tremblant IM 70.3 is now my new favourite! I’ll definitely do this race again next year!! The location, the organization, the volunteers, the spectators, the B&B where I stayed, the food and the good company…everything about this race was amazing…and my 3rd place finish at the end was a pleasant surprise, I was quite happy!!” ~ Helene Desrosiers
Claudia Hutchinson: Age Group F50-54 / Overall: 5:49:18 / Div Rank: 13 / 57 / Overall Rank: 951 / Gender Rank: 172 / Swim 38:59 / T1: 5:42 / Bike: 3:00:54 / T2: 1:46 / Run: 2:01:57
“Mont-Tremblant Half IRONMAN was the first race I’ve done as an IRONDame and it was great…the spectators cheered me on as the IRONDame! It was a challenging course but the event and their team were so supportive that it made it all worthwhile.” ~ Claudia Hutchinson

Pat Shaw: Age Group F 60-64 / Swim 50:26 / T1: 6:48 / Bike: 3:33:06 / T2: 6:18 / Run: Did Not Start Due To Previous Injury

“What a day! …Very happy with my race today. Tough bike course.” ~ Pat Shaw

Looks like there will be more IRONDames in the field for next years Mont-Tremblant 70.3 IRONMAN!

Congratulate Claudia Hutchinson on her awesome Mont-Tremblant 70.3 IRONMAN by making a donation to her fundraising page in support of Wellspring Halton-Peel’s Cancer Exercise Facility!

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  1. You have had a tough year for sure, but your attitude doesn’t show it. Your head, your povitise outlook will take you farther than your feet thought possible. I’m so glad you had a great run and were able to clear your head and make plans.I feel sorry for IM Mont Tremblant because you are going to kill it.You’re an excellent athlete, but more importantly, you’re a darn nice person. Stay strong!Tracy recently posted..

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