Cindy Mattie To Run Inaugural Niagara Falls Ragnar Relay June 14 & 15

Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat. That is what is instore for IRONDame Cindy Mattie and her Ultra FABs teammates Lisa Raftis, Lori Bennett, Carolyn Taylor, Michelle Glatt and Martha Rolland as they compete in Ragnar Relay’s first Canadian event on June 14 and 15.

Cindy and her FABs teammates will be tag team running the 311 KM course from Cobourg to Niagara Falls, along the shores of Lake Ontario, day and night, relay-style. Only one runner hits the road at a time. As an Ultra Team each FABs member will run 6 legs of the 36 leg course, the shortest leg being 2.4 miles, and the longest leg being 9.7 miles. By the time they reach the finish line in Niagara Falls each FABs team member will have run over the distance of a marathon!

The FABs team has a van that they will all travel in, except of course for the one whose turn it is to run. There are many check points to report in to, and food and rest areas are provided along the route.

All of Cindy’s FABs teammates have competed in triathlons, cycling events and marathons and view the Ragnar Relay as a bold new adventure for the group!

In its first ever international relay, Ragnar runners will traverse over 300km of the Waterfront Trail from Cobourg to Niagara Falls.

CLICK HERE for more information on the runner distances and legs of the course.

History of the Ragnar Relay Series:

Dan Hill and Tanner Bell organized the first Wasatch Back Relay, spanning 188 miles from Logan to Park City, UT in 2004. The first race started small, but the Ragnar Relay Series has grown from a single relay in Utah to the largest overnight relay series in North America.

What’s in a name?

Ragnar was a king and hero of early 9th century Scandinavia. He was a conqueror, a wild man, a leader, fearless and free-spirited.

In true Ragnar spirit Team FABs will be running in matching shirts and their van will be decorated with silly stuff! We can’t wait to see some pictures!

CLICK HERE to show Cindy your support by making a donation to her personal fundraising page!



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