IRONDames Conquer Climbs To Reach Podium At Centurion Canada The Blue Mountains C50 and C100 Races

This past Sunday, 13 IRONDames showed their strength at the C50 and C100 events of Centurion Cycling’s Subaru Centurion Canada at Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood, Ontario. The event series presented by Cervelo drew over 4,000 riders across all of the weekend’s events  – C25, Hill Climb, Timex Vertical Challenge, C50 and C100. With elevation gains of 3,343 ft and 5,810 ft respectively, the C50 and C100 cycling routes challenged the most serious of cyclists.

Alex Warne ready to ride the C50!
Virginia Jamieson awaiting the start of the C100!















IRONDames Alex Warne and Virginia Jamieson designated their C50 and C100 races as their personal fundraising challenge for Wellspring Halton-Peel’s new Cancer Exercise Facility. With fellow IRONDame Marla Ashmore as her domestique, Alex pushed herself to the limit, completing 70 K of the C50 course, a personal best for Alex in both distance and elevation climbed! With a new bike and clip less pedals just this summer Alex is becoming a cycling enthusiast. Virginia Jamieson’s training for the C100 this summer shone through as she completed the ride in 7:08:21.5 with a 3-mile KOM time of 19:08.8! We are sure to see Alex and Virginia back next year at Centurion Canada!

Shawna Button, Robyn Lavelle and Janette Kirch after C50

IRONDames Maris Lush and Robyn Lavelle finished the C50 race on the podium! Maris placed 1st in her age group in both the C50 and KOM challenge. Robyn placed 3rd in her age group. Check out the other tremendous results of our fearless group of IRONDames who “love to climb” below:



Grace Armstrong: Age Grouper F 55-59 / Time: 3:49:41.8 / Chip Time: 3:31:12.1 / Cat. Place: 18/28 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 1183 18:57.9

Marla Ashmore: Age Grouper F 50-54 / An awesome Domestique !

Shawna Button: Age Grouper F 40-44 / Time: 3:16:31.1 / Chip Time: 2:57:51.2 / Cat. Place: 34/82 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 725 15:09.8

Andrea Buzza: Age Grouper F 45-49/ DNF due to mechanical issue

Jessica Carson: Age Grouper F 50-54 / Time: 2:54:41.3 / Chip Time: 2:42:02.4 / Cat. Place: 7/78 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 470 13:43.6

Janette Kirch: Age Grouper F 45-49 / Time: 2:43:20.5 / Chip Time: 2:31:59.6 / Cat. Place: 9/105 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 345 13:03.9

Robyn Lavelle: Age Grouper F 30-34 / Time: 2:40:50.8 / Chip Time: 2:29:31.7 / Cat. Place: 3/35 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 349 13:05.7

Maris Lush: Age Grouper F 25-29 / Time: 2:39:05.7 / Chip Time: 2:28:12.9 / Cat. Place: 1/16 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 219 12:16.9

Cindy Mattie: Age Grouper F 50-54 / Time: 3:49:41.6 / Chip Time: 3:31:12.2 / Cat. Place: 52/78 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 1185 18:58.6

Alex Warne: Age Grouper F 60-64 / Cat. Place: 6/6 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 1334 24:58.7


Claudia Hutchinson: Age Grouper F 50-54/ Time: 6:05:51.3 / Chip Time: 5:50:17.9 / Cat. Place: 11/19 / 3 Mile KOM Place/Time: 719 16:14.3

Virginia Jamieson: Age Grouper F 45-49 / Time: 7:24:44.7 / Chip Time: 7:08:21.5 / Cat. Place: 20/24 / 3 Mile KOM Overall Place/Time: 875 19:08.8

Shirley Speakman: Age Grouper F 40-44/ Time: 7:40:37.9 / Chip Time: 7:24:03.0 / Cat. Place: 16/17 / 3 Mile KOM Place/Time: 914 20:42.6

Some of our Canada Get Fit friends in C50 Corral awaiting the start!

Congratulations also go out to all the Canada Get Fit cyclists who raced the C50 and C100! It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces at Centurion Canada this year!

To view more pictures of the IRONDames and our friends and supporters at Subaru’s Centurion Cycling go to the IRONDames Face Book Page.

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