IRONDames to Compete at IRONMAN Lake Placid

On Sunday, July 22, four IRONDames will be competing in IRONMAN Lake Placid, the second oldest IRONMAN in North America in support of Wellspring Halton-Peel’s Cancer Exercise Facility. It is a day that IRONDames JoAnn Daxner, Sandra Happy-Smith, Pat Shaw and Suzanne Zmenak have been training for, for more than a year! It will be Sandra Happy-Smith and Susan Zmenak’s chance to claim the title of “IRONMAN”, which JoAnn and Pat Shaw have already earned by completing IIRONMAN Canada and IRONMAN Lake Placid respectively in the summer of 2010.

IRONDame JoAnn Daxner with Coach Greg Pace of PACEperformance

To be declared an “IRONMAN”, the IRONDames will need to complete a two-loop, 2.4-mile swim of Lake Placid’s Mirror Lake; followed by a challenging 112-mile, two loop bike ride through the Adirondacks Mountains on state, county and local roads; ending with an exciting, spectator-friendly, two-loop, 26.2-mile run course that passes by the downtown area four times and finishes in Lake Placid’s prestigious Olympic Speed Skating Oval from the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, all within 17 hours!

Pat Shaw, Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour

Their coach, Greg Pace of PACEperformance, knows this IRONDame group is ready for the challenge! When asked to comment on his IRONDame team headed to compete in Lake Placid Ironman, Coach Pace had the following to say about his athletes:

“After one and half circles around the sun the IRONDame Lake Placid Team is strong, nervous, focused and ready for their shining day in the sun, sweat and cheers.
Our ID Lake Placid 4 team members are now on their much-deserved taper, so if you want to invite them over for lunch, dinner or to mow your lawn, they have very little else to do. The challenges they have endured have been much greater then just the training; we have had face plants, crashes, falls, new houses, new relationships and changing relationships.  Mostly, we have had an undeniable strength of character, a day-in day-out commitment to their goal and a level of self-knowledge that can only be gained by overcoming uncertainty and fears.  This group true are ambassador of the great IRONDame ideals of Believe, Inspire and Persevere. 
To be their coach is a humbling and rewarding opportunity to create a framework and watch how the picture inside takes shape. Bravo team! Making it to the start line is truly the grand feat, race day is our celebration
The IRONDames are excited for our 2012 IRONMAN Lake Placid IRONDame Team, as we know race day will prove to be an incredible life experience in which they will show their strength and perseverance, as well as inspire others to make a difference!

Sandra and Suzanne training for the Mirror Lake Swim at IRONMAN Lake Placid

Learn more about why JoAnn Daxner, Sandra Happy-Smith, Pat Shaw and Suzanne Zmenak are racing IRONMAN Lake Placid in support of Wellspring Halton-Peel’s Cancer Exercise Facility and demonstrate your support by visiting their personal fundraising pages by clicking on their names and making a donation to their pages.

Learn more about IRONMAN Lake Placid 2012 and to track our IRONDames on race day.

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