It’s Small Acts Of Kindness That Make A Difference

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing and the deadly fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas this week our spirits can be lifted by sharing stories of the kindness of neighbours and strangers. ┬áIRONDame Gail Burgess experienced two such “random acts of kindness” as she was diverted away from the Finish Line area which was several hundreds of metres away from her when the double bombing occurred.

“The first was the gentleman who not only loaned me his cell so I could reach Paul ( Gail’s husband) before he heard of the explosions, but dialled the number and stayed reasonably close so that if I lost it on the phone, he could reassure Paul that I was ok. The other was American Eagle Outfitters. Freezing cold and somewhat shocky, I wandered into the American Eagle store and showing them my $20, asked if they had anything I could buy to keep me warm. The young man I spoke to went away and came back with a black hoodie that fit me perfectly and refused my money. Without the hoodie, I would have been in serious trouble by the time I got back to the hotel.”~ Gail Burgess

The IRONDames would like to thank both the gentleman and the American Eagle Outfitters employee for looking after Gail. While the acts may see small, the spirit in which they were offered, without hesitation, will be remembered by Gail forever.


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