Gail Burgess Finishes 2nd ITU World Championships

Australia’s Chris McCormack was the winner of the Elite Men’s category at the 2012 ITU Long Distance World Championships in Vitoria-Gasteiz today completing the 4k swim, 120k bike and 30k run in an overall time of 5:29:47 (Swim: 00:53:37, T1: 00:01:19 Bike: 02:48:54, T2: 00:01:03 and Run: 01:44:55).

Switzerland’s Caroline Steffen was the winner of the Elite Women’s category by completing the course in an overall time of 06:04:17 (Swim: 00:55:58, T1: 00:01:29 Bike: 03:01:27, T2: 00:01:17 and Run: 02:04:08).

2012 LD Triathlon World Championship Team Canada Members

IRONDame Gail Burgess finished 2nd in her age group with an over all time of 08:51:46 (Swim: 01:30:15, T1: 00:05:04, Bike: 04:01:50, T2: 00:03:30, Run: 03:11:08)!

Gail text this afternoon that “The ITU Team races are an unbelievable way to race! So many new friends, so much support on the course!”

We can’t wait to read Gail’s Race Report but for now our “go getter” is off to cycle the El Camino Trail with her husband, Paul. Talk about a vacation!

2012 Vitoria-Gasteiz ITU Long Distance World Championships Race Results


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