Janette Kirch’s Race Report For IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant

Overall Impression Of Tremblant/Race

Beautiful venue, the village rocks and what a great place to be. Everything was very well organized.

Race Day

It was only 9 degrees but not bad at all. The water was around 23 degrees and after the F18 flew over and the canon shot went off all of us jumped for the water. I waited a little and kept to the back of the pack and once I got in the water I had enough clearance to go. I made it to the turnaround buoy with no problem, getting around the buoy was a big fight and after 500m another fight for the 2nd turn around. The swim reminded me of Austria, surrounded by mountains. I loved it and had a great time but the congestion coming out of the water was big, it took me over a minute to get to the mat. My swim time was 1:14:37, so I was very happy and it was a go for a perfect day. A run of 700m on the red carpet was good to get the legs moving.

On to the bike! Lots of spectators and they were awesome. It was a tad chilly but not bad. The 90k loop had many different aspects to it: flat, then highway, a big downhill, which I flew down at 72km (yeah, yeah I know).
Back again and the climb wasn’t too bad but the head wind started a little – it was brutal on the 2nd loop.
The loop out to Lake Superior consisted of 13 steep short hills and forced some people to get off their bikes. It takes 30 minutes to go out and only 15 to get back, so you can just imagine what that’s like.
I was able to pace myself very well on the bike and finished right on my time planned of 6:20.

I started my run well but it was hard to pace myself. I met Marie-Lynn, I raced with her sister in Austria (small world, eh?) and we were able to keep each other company till approx 29km where my shins started to hurt a lot and I had to let her go. The rain came and I wrapped myself in a silver blanket to stay dry while I walked for 4k. The rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow came out and I got myself together and decided to suck it up for the last 7k and run without stopping. Later, it was brought to my attention that the rainbow was Kim. She pushed me for those last 7k.
I PB-ed by 8mins and this course was WAY more difficult than Austria. I’m very happy and content with my race and will never do an Ironman again. Oh wait, my girlsfriends are talking about Frankfurt 2014. Ah well, twist my rubber arm. I guess I’m addicted.

Thanks you my friends for all your well wishes etc.
Off for a 4K swim now with Kathy E.


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  1. julian said:

    I heard the swim was crazy you hung back and had minimal contact and your time was not bad…for a long day

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