Kathy Eaton

Why I became An IRONDame

I became an IRONDame to train with a great group of women with a goal to give back to our community while enjoying our sport.

How Long I’ve Been An IRONDame

I’ve been an IRONDame since 2010.

My Top Ten Songs To Work Out To

1. Nickelback – Burn It to the Ground

2. Uriah Heep – Stealin’

3. MIKA – Grace Kelly (Acoustic Version)

4. Great Big Sea – Home For a Rest

5. Hedley – Cha-Ching

6. Great Big Sea – Walk on the Moon

7. Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day

8. Great Big Sea – Mary Mac

9. Dido – Take My Hand

10. Dido Live – Honestly OK

My Favourite Quote

“If you can believe and conceive, you can achieve.”

What Inspires And Motivates Me

All the exceptionally talented women in our group inspire me.

My Favourite Road Race

It is most definitely Around the Bay. We are so lucky to have this race practically in our backyard.

My Secret Weapon/Ritual/Lucky Charm That I Use At Each Race

My ritual for IRONMAN racing is an armband I wear for remembrance of my niece Sydney. When it gets tough on the course she helps me through, always.

My Goal For The 2012/2013 Fundraising Challenge

Her 2012 goal was to race IRONMAN Wisconsin on Sunday, September 9 2012, which she completed in a time of 13:57:01, ranking 5 overall in her division!

In 2013 her goal is to represent Canada at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships in Belfort, France on June 1, 2013.

My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge in my IRONDame Journey was getting my strength back after getting knocked off my bike in IRONMAN Florida in 2010. I’m healed and ready to go again.

Most Valuable Training Tip

Fail to plan and you’ll plan to fail.


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  1. I love reading these artlices because they’re short but informative.

  2. Experience is the lesson you learn right after you really need it.

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