Kim Schizas

Why I Became An IRONDame

I became an IRONDame because I was so inspired by the courage and strength of our founder Kim Kearns-Pace.  I am also very  proud to support the Cancer Exercise Facility at Wellspring.

How Long I’ve Been An IRONDame

I have been an IRONDame since the very beginning, the pink boa days!

My Top Songs To Work Out With

Outdoor training: I never wear headphones, the sounds of nature around me is what inspires me.

Indoor training: Anything intense like:

ACDC – Thunderstruck

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Favorite Quote

” Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

What Inspires/Motivates Me

My family!

Favorite Road Race

I have two.

IRONMAN Canada because I was with Kim and the IRONDames and our families and friends. It was the most awesome feeling being surrounded by so much  love and support on the course, volunteering in the transition zones and cheering us all along the way. That’s hard to top!

Welland Half Iron Distance Triathlon was my other fave. I spent the entire race chasing down one of my training partners “speedy” Julia Rodgerson, and laughing far too much.  I didn’t end up catching her but I had the most fun possible trying to!

The Secret Weapon/Lucky Charm/Ritual That I Use At Each Race

I always tell myself how lucky I am that I am able.

My Goal For The 2012/2013 Fundraising Challenge

To ride The Great Canadian Traverse with a great group of friends and to raise $2,500 for Wellspring’s Cancer Exercise Facility.

My Biggest Challenge

Definitely learning to swim (actually to even put my face in the water) at the age of 40 and not hyperventilating in the water at every race, especially when in the company of harbour seals.

Most Valuable Training Tip

Train with people you love and have fun with. It’s OK to have fun while you train! It’s also good to train with people stronger than yourself at times as it can push your training to the next level.


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  1. DARLENE WORTH said:

    Hey my little sis Kim, once again so proud of you and the rest of the gals, your all so insiring, checking on you everyday. Dart

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