Lace up for LOVE Participants Get Sneak Peek at IronKids Nutrition & Boomer Nutrition Products

We’re excited to announce that IronKids Nutrition & Boomer Nutrition are Event Sponsors of next Sunday’s 7th Annual Lace up for LOVE Mother’s Day 1 & 5 K Walk/Run presented by Leggat Auto Group.

IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars:

IMG_2320All Lace up for LOVE participants will be receiving an IronKids Nutrition Sample Pack of their Snack Bars which are nut free, gluten free and GMO free. These all natural IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars are specifically formulated for growing active kids who always need better options when it comes to grabbing energy on the go. IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars will be available nationwide in Loblaws stores later in May but the entire family will be able to try out this tasty new snack Saturday when you pick up your Lace up for LOVE Race Kits! With 4 terrific flavours: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Chocolate, Double Chocolate and Mixed Berry, there is an IronKids Nutrition Snack Bar for every school kid’s lunch box!

IronKids Nutrition Snack Bar Blueberry Chocolate Ingredient ListLike our Lace up for LOVE Walk/Run IronKids Nutrition is a family affaire! It’s products are formulated by Stuart Lowther, Dad of 3, who holds a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science and Metabolism. Deb Lowther, Mom, handles the marketing, websites, social media and promotions while their 3 active daughters are chief taste testers, brand ambassadors and the behind the scenes inspiration for everything our company stands for.

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Boomer Nutrition Protein Powders:

Lace up for LOVE participants will also be receiving news on Boomer Nutrition – Protein Fit (Chocolate & Vanilla flavours) and Protein Energy (Chocolate & Vanilla flavours) Powders in their Race Kits.  Another division of Element Nutrition Inc., Boomer Nutrition Protein Fit & Energy Powders are specifically designed to help people over 50 recover from physical activity and maintain protein balance. What makes Boomer Protein Fit & Energy Powders different is the unique added ingredients of micellar casein to help prevent age related muscle loss and Leucine for muscle recovery. Boomer Nutrition – Protein Energy Powders have added B vitamins as an ingredient for energy.

CLICK HERE to check out some delicious Boomer Nutrition Smoothies to help you start out your day and reenergize you. 

IronKids Nutrition & Boomer Nutrition Fundraising Prize Packs:

A few of our Lace up for LOVE Fundraisers be awarded a Boomer Nutrition Prize Packs which will each include 1 full tub of Boomer Nutrition –  FIT and 1 full tub of Boomer Nutrition – Energy Protein Powders plus 2 packs of IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars.

Thank you IronKids Nutrition & Boomer Nutrition for Lacing up for LOVE with us this Mother’s Day in support of the Cancer Exercise Program at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House!





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