Let Your Spare Change Make A Difference Today!

‘Tis the season for garage sales and spring cleaning – Oh! what fun it is…

As you organize yourself for a summer of activity and fun, consider donating the coins you find around your home to charity!

Spare change can be found in so many places like:

  • the bottom of winter purses
  • car consoles
  • coats, suits and pant pockets
  • tucked away in drawers
  • between couch cushions
  • containers just lying around
  • the floor of your car,
  • or even in the rolls you already set aside for that trip to the bank!

Gone are the days of having to roll your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters! TD Bank has installed new coin counting machines at over 300 branches. TD’s Coin Counting Service is FREE for TD Personal Banking customers. Non-TD customers are charged a fee of 8% of the transaction total cash value.

“It’s amazing how spare change adds up! After spring cleaning this year I cashed my piggy bank in at a TD Coin Counter and was able to make a donation of $177.20 to our IRONDame Construction Campaign” ~ IRONDame Andrea Buzza

Let your SPARE CHANGE build strength, confidence and hope of a healthy future for men, women and children fighting or recovering from cancer in Halton by CASHING IT IN and CLICKING HERE to make a donation to the IRONDames’ Construction Campaign in support of Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House’s New Cancer Exercise Facility.




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