London Olympics 2012

The Olympics hold some of the most inspiring, exciting and dynamic athletes and we can help but be touched by these amazing talents.

We’ll be keeping an eye open (and cheering hard) for some of our favourite Canadian athletes, including Simon Whitfield (triathlon), Paula Findlay (triathlon), Catharine Pendrel (mountain bike), Clara Hughs (road cycling) and Ryder Hesjedal (road cycling).

The Triathlon races at the 2012 Olympic Games will be held from August 4 – 7 in Hyde Park. The London Olympic Games event is comprised of a 1,500m open water swim, 43km of cycling, and a 10km run. Both men and women compete over the same distance. The limit for entrants for each race is 55, with no nation allowed more than three competitors per race.

The mountain bike course is a mass-start race, this event is held on an off-road course. The course must be 98% rideable and feature rough and hilly countryside. There are no heats; all riders start together and must complete a set number of laps of the course, with races lasting around one hour and forty-five minutes for both men and women. The first rider to cross the finish line wins the Gold.

The individual road cycling race begins with a mass start and is held over a course of approximately 250 km for men and 140 km for women. Although it is technically an individual race, the riders use various strategies to help their strongest team member win. All competitors start together, and the first rider to cross the finish line wins gold. The men’s road cycling race runs tomorrow morning, Saturday July 28 2012, at 10 AM London time. Ryder Hesjedal will be racing for GOLD!

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  1. Fahri said:

    Your first triathlon is going to be tough. Their is no way to sugar coat it. Go into it with the goal of hanvig fun and finishing it. Focus on your strengths. Running. Run 4-5 times a week and mix 2-4 days of biking in there. Make sure you do some brick workouts (ie. bike and then run workout right afterwords). Mix in some swim training when you can, and make sure your comfortable in open water (lake, ponds, river). This is prob more important than actually being good at swimming. Also, practice your transitions (taking off wetsuit, getting on bike, putting on running shoes), you can save alot of time, just by being good in between the swim, bike, and run.The training program you mentioned is decent, but it depends on what the distance of the triathlon is. Sprint Distance, Olympic Distance, other? I would personally always take one day off a week. I also don’t substitute strength workout for a cardio workout, because the cardio is much more important in triathlon. The min amount of time you should spend training each time on the bike is 1hr, run 30-45min, and swim 30min.Hope this helps.

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