Saltridges Boutique and Baby Goods Barrier & Diaper Cream

Nancy Salter, owner of Saltridges Boutique in Burlington has been a strong supporter of the IRONDames since the organizations inception in 2009. Located in the heart of Burlington, just one block north of the lake, her beautiful store Saltridges is a exclusive purveyor of luxury bath & body products, cosmetics, loungewear, shaving, skin care, sun care, perfume, home fragrance and pregnancy and newborn care products.

Prior to the start of the Traverse Team’s 8 day 1,002 K fundraising ride from Lake Louise, AB to Whistler, BC in support of a New Cancer Exercise Facility for Wellspring Halton-Peel, Nancy surprised each member of the IRONDames’ Great Canadian Traverse Team with a care package of assorted skin care products for our use. One of the products in the Care Package was Baby Goods Barrier Cream for Adults. The product was incredible and proved to be a lifesaver!

From Day 2 and on our entire Traverse Team (IRONDames and IRONDudes) were using the the adult barrier cream after our rides to help heal our saddle sores! In total, the IRONDames’ Traverse Team spent just under 60 hours cycling over 8 days; travelling 1,002 K and climbing over 30,255 ft in total elevation to achieve our goal of riding from Lake Louise, AB to Whistler, BC and Baby Goods literally save our butts and made the Traverse endurable!

Thank you Nancy and Mayron’s Goods for your generosity and steadfast support!

For more information contact:

389 Brant Street
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 2E9
Tel: (905) 333-5959
Fax: (905) 333-9060

Mayron’s Goods Inc.
1435 North Ogden Drive
Los Angeles, California
Tel: 1 -877-804-BABY

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