Testimonial – Steve


Treatment and surgery for a rare malignant brain tumor caused me to have significant walking and balance deficits. Though I have seen countless medical professionals (neurologists, oncologists, neuro-oncologists, physical and occupational therapists), none have been able to help me with my problems. Only participation in the Wellspring exercise program has improved my condition.

It is certainly amazing that with a minimum of equipment and a small staff of trainers this simple exercise program has been able to help so many people with their various cancer-related problems. The increased sense of well being that one feels following each class alone justifies the program’s existence. I have attended several other Wellspring programs but this is by far the only one that has had such an impressive impact on me. I am walking better and have experienced a dramatic increase in strength and flexibility in my legs, back and upper body. Even my blood pressure has dropped. I attribute this to the knowledge, quality and dedication of the training staff. Prior to this exercise program, I feared being confined to a wheel chair for the rest of my life and now, almost miraculously, I can walk without falling.

Thanks to Susie, Judy, Jodi, Kate, Becky, Jenn, Colleen and Stacey for their continued interest in my health. I love you all. Steve.


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