There Will Be Lots Of Snow Fun At Personal Best’s Bare Bones Winter Snow-Shoe-Run: Sun. Feb 1 2015

Embrace winter by learning how to snowshoe with Personal Best. Snowshoeing is a winter sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels. Snowshoes allow you to stay on top of the snow both on or off trail. It’s a fantastic low-impact, social, fat-burning form of exercise. With this in mind the Team at Personal Best is holding “The Bare Bones Winter Snow-Shoe-Run”,  a fun, low-cost (bare bones) winter endurance event. Participants have a choice of snowshoeing/running short or longer distances as an individual or part of a relay team. There is an option for everyone.

Group Snowshoeing ShotWHEN:

Sun Feb 1st, 2015 9:30am starting time


Albion Hill Conservation Park (Caledon)
Located 30min north of Toronto, this 500 acre park has 30km of snowshoeing & cross country skiing & mt biking trails to enjoy.
16500 Regional Rd 50, Caledon, ON L7E 3E7


4 Low priced fun-winter options for you, your friends & family to pick from:

1. MINI SNOWSHOE-RUN: 4k Snowshoe – 4km run
2. MINI SHOWSHOE-RUN: RELAY TEAM 4k Snowshoe – 4km run
3. MEGA SNOWSHOE-RUN: 8k Snowshoe – 4km run
4. MEGA SNOWSHOE-RUN RELAY TEAM: 8k Snowshoe – 4km run


Snowshoeing can be done at a modest slower pace power-walk or
running very quickly like the efforts you wold see at 5k or 10k race.
is perfect for any level and age. The longer 8k Snowshoe + 4km run is
designed for the person who has a bit more endurance capacity &
has likely snowshoed before. The shorter distance race is designed
for both the novice person as well as the speedster who likes
to go fast!


Everyone needs to have some warmer clothing. The
temperature in February is likely zero or below. Dress warm but
in layers.
Snowshoes are obviously required unless your on a relay team.
We have a number of sources of snowshoes if you don’t own some.
a) Albion Hills has 40 pair for rental
b) Caledon Hills Cycling Shop will have rental pairs
c) Louis Garneau have rental-demo pair
We believe we can accommodate many of you through our supplies.


All participants will start the snowshoe leg of the race at 9:30am
Mini-Distance participants do a smaller 4km loop and Mega Distance
participants do a longer 8km loop. Everyone gets back to the
Main Warm Chalet in where the race started and where they switch
into their running shoes (or tag their relay team-member).
The run is a 4km loop that comes back to the Chalet, where you can
warmup, have your post-race hot-chocolate, meal and post-race


The feedback from or clients and athletes is that people would
prefer a lower priced, bare-bones fun event, rather than a much
more expensive race with lots of swag and other stuff.
The Barebones will include a great safe, race, park entrance,
access to snowshoes (if rented), a great post-race meal and
some fun, fast draw prizes for everyone at the finishing line.


This event is designed for all ages and all levels. We fully anticipate
that a large percentage of the participants in the first year will be
newbies who are just learning the great basic skills of snowshoeing.


Join the PB coaches for a fun learning day on Sunday Jan 18th
DAY at Albion Hills from 12:30-2:30pm to learn how to snowshoe
(if your novice) or if you are already experienced, come out
and get a great winter workout in. Note the registration
cost includes the park entrance fee for each participant.


1. Mini-Snowshoe Race $25.00
2. Mini-Snowshoe Relay Team $45.00
3. Mega Snowshoe Race $25.00
4. Mega Snowshoe Relay Team $45.00
5. Jan 18th Practice Day $15.00

CLICK HERE for more information or to register on-line for this fun, low cost winter event!


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