Welland Half Iron Distance Triathlon & Duathlon

This weekend’s Welland Half Iron Distance Triathlon is the first real test of the Ironman training season for Ironman veterans, Gail Burgess JoAnn Daxner and Kathy Eaton and newbies Sandra Happy-Smith, Janette Kirch, Robyn Lavelle, Melanie Mitchell and Suzanne Zmenak. Each will be swimming 2000 m, biking 90 k, and running 21.1k before they cross the finish line on Sunday afternoon!

Sunday’s Event will also be the first significant competition for new IRONDame Virginia Jamieson as she races to complete the challenging Half Iron Distance Duathlon (5k Run, 90K Bike, 21.1K Run)!

Have a look at the courses and get some ideas as to what kind of nutrition the IRONDames should be considering in their lead up to these Half Iron Challenges as described by Ignition Fitness Head Coach Tommy Ferris and Sarah Maughan, Ignition Fitness team nutritionist in their post on MSCtv on June 4, 2012.

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  1. Aw, our half marathon purcite. I can’t get up 4hrs before races because then I wouldn’t get to sleep but, what I do now before races (and have seen an improvement in how I feel) is I have a protein bar about an hour and a half before (right as I wake up) with a bottle of water that I sip until race time. I also have a gel PRE race this was the new step and I think it helped because I drink caffeine every day but didn’t want to before a race now I have energy. My third thing I sort of found by accident. I ran a half in Madison that was delayed an hour and a half and they gave out rice krispy treats and I felt so good at the race that I now try to sneak one of those in before a race so bar, gel, and rice krispy treat (and water). I feel like I have more even energy in the races now.

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