Wellspring is at the heart of everything the IRONDames do because the centre believes, as we do, that exercise is vitally important in the lives of those who have been diagnosed with or survived cancer.


Wellspring Halton-Peel was established in June of 2000 to meet the needs of people coping with cancer in Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding communities. The centre has experienced strong growth since it opened its doors and now welcomes more than 13,000 visits from men, women and children annually.

To continue to meet the growing needs of people living with cancer in the Halton-Peel community, Wellspring is currently working to expand this physical facility, the programs offered within it, and to implement a long-term sustainability strategy to ensure that Wellspring continues to help people meet the everyday challenges that cancer brings, today and in the future. The total expansion is estimated at 3 million dollars.

The IRONDames are on a mission to raise $200,000 to construct and equip the new exercise facility of the Halton-Peel Wellspring Centre and to make sure that more people can benefit from Wellspring’s ground breaking Cancer Exercise Program.

WELLSPRING’s Ground Breaking Cancer Exercise Program

Wellspring’s Cancer Exercise Program was developed specifically for the needs of cancer patients by Jodi Steele, a physiotherapist who specializes in cancer rehabilitation. Under the supervision of an experienced Cancer Exercise Leader, patients receive an individual assessment, personalized exercise program, and an opportunity to exercise with other patients. At the conclusion of the program, the professional leaders update each participant’s personal exercise program for continued exercise at home.

Jodi Steele

Jodi Steele | Physiotherapist

Jodi got her start by launching her own company, Cancer Rehab Inc., where she worked to make physical rehabilitation a standard practice in the treatment of cancer in Canada. Jodi has accumulated a vast knowledge of evidence and practice in the field of exercise and cancer, which she brings to the Wellspring Program.

Wellspring’s Cancer Exercise Program is safe for cancer patients who are in treatment and may be experiencing treatment side-effects. For added safety and to ensure that all health concerns are known, physician consent is required.

The new comprehensive program schedule includes: One-hour personal assessment, followed by one-hour group exercise twice per week for 10 weeks, then once per week for 20 weeks. With rolling registration, patients begin the program when new space is available, usually within two weeks.

The Cancer Exercise Program has quickly become the most popular program at Wellspring. To date there have been over 2,400 visits to more than 450 sessions of the Cancer Exercise Program at Wellspring Halton-Peel – all free of charge.

The IRONDames’ new Halton-Peel Cancer Exercise Facility will be:

  • Approx. 211 sq. ft. larger
  • Wheel chair accessible
  • Equipped with new cardio and strength training machines
  • Feature a purpose built trainers room for individual manual therapy
  • Accommodate 180 individuals for a new 30-week comprehensive program vs. today’s 10-week program, which accommodates only 150

A Lifeline to Cancer Support

Wellspring charges no fees and receives no core government funding. Programs and operations are made possible through the generosity of donors.

“At Wellspring you are not judged; nor are you pitied. All you get at Wellspring is soothing empathy and strong support”

Mervin – Volunteer

For more information on Wellspring’s mission and programs, please visit their website.


Click here to view a video on WELLSPRING Halton-Peel’s Cancer Exercise Program.